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March 26, 2019 Arizona: We are following up monitoring garnishee payments for one client and the judgment is almost satisfied :)
March 14, 2019 Arizona: We just got the results back on a Nationwide Bank Account search for one of our clients. We identified two banks as part of this search.
February 25, 2019  Arizona: We picked up two garnishments from the Justice Court and served Bank of America and Wells Fargo today for two judgment debtors.
February 11, 2019  Arizona: Our bank account locate service found two open checking accounts and two savings accounts for one party along with location of closed accounts. For the other party we found two banks, $780 in checking and $10 in savings at one institution and a checking and a savings in another institution along with closed bank accounts.
February 5, 2019  Arizona: We sent off for two bank account locates.
January 16, 2019 Arizona: We located 1 checking account for a debtor.
January 16, 2019 Arizona: We located 4 checking accounts and one savings account for a debtor.
January 14, 2019 Arizona: We received updated information on bank accounts previously located to determine the best time to garnish.
January 1, 2019 Arizona: Happy New Year and time to send in the quarterly Continuing Lien paperwork for our client to report recovered monies from our garnishment earnings we served.
October 19, 2018 California and Arizona: We sent off for two bank account locates.
October 16, 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona: We got word that our employer garnishment was a success and they are holding money.
October 11, 2018 California: Doing a bank account search on a debtor for a judgment creditor.
October 10, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona: Following up on a finalization of judgment for a Garnishment Non-Earnings.
October 10, 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona: Service of a Garnishment Earnings on a local employer.
October 3, 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona: We are assisting a New Jersey client with a Writ of Garnishment Earnings in Maricopa County for a Foreign Judgment.
September 24, 2018 Mesa, Arizona: What happens after we find the bank account, serve the Writ and the bank says, yes, they have the money? Well, we have to issue and file the paperwork to finalize the seizure by the bank and have them send it to the judgment creditor. This is done by the judge.
September 24, 2018 Mesa, Arizona: We are looking for bank account on a debtor. Stay tuned!
September 22, 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona: We are filing an Application for Garnishment Judgement & Garnishment Judgement form with the court for our judgment debtor so that the bank may release the funds.
September 20, 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona: We just served Wells Fargo for a debtor on a writ of garnishment non-earnings.
September 19, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona: We are helping a client renew their judgment so they don't lose out a second time.
September 18, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona: Great news! We garnered $6,309 on one of our most recent writ of garnishment serves. This is for a client that has had this judgment for a long time and felt that he would never collect. Very excited for him!
September 13, 2018 California: Pulling comprehensive reports to locate sources of employment, residence and other potential judgments.
September 11, 2018 California: We are working with a judgment creditor to locate the debtor(s) bank accounts, employer and utilize garnishments to recover the debt.
September 7, 2018 Glendale, Arizona: We are working with a judgment creditor on a Writ of Execution and to enforce the judgment via other means.
September 6, 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona: We talked to a new client today about their judgment.
August 24, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona: We are serving Wells Fargo bank today for a local client with a non-earnings garnishment.
August 22, 2018 Phoenix Arizona: We served a writ today on Bank of America for a non-earnings garnishment. 
August 21, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona: We are happy to announce that we have hit the judgment jackpot for a California based client we have been working with since January of 2018. We originally checked the bank account and got ZIP but we monitored the account and found a cool $8,000. Let's get the garnishment started.
August 16, 2018 Philadelphia, PA: We found a cool $1,500 on our first monitoring and the client has sent the garnishment non-earnings out to one of our process servers to get served.
August 16, 2018 Scottsdale, AZ: We just launched our CollectOnAJudgment.com website.The news section does not include all we have been doing in the past but stay tuned for exciting recoveries!


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