You've won your lawsuit but need find the debtor to begin the collection process. Let's get this party started!

We offer several levels of location services to find your judgment debtor:

Because we are licensed and trained investigators, we have access to super secret databases, government databases, driver's license and motor vehicle records, the US Postal service and more.

And, to keep everything on the up and up, and keep us in business, you must first complete an Agreement for Services which authorizes us to provide work on your behalf and establishes a legal need for the requested information.

Failure to provide accurate or required information will preclude you from receiving services.

To get started and find your judgment debtor, please complete the Agreement For Services now and then go to  Find My Debtor below to purchase your location services.

Basic Locator Report: $65

This checks our database and is generally pretty accurate. Usually returned within 24 hours.

Driver's License  OR Motor Vehicle  Database: $45

This checks our database and is generally pretty accurate. Usually returned within 24 hours. Note: This may only be helpful IF the debtor maintains a current driver's license address as required by law. And, many courts MAY require service at the registered driver address due to this legal requirement. Not all states available.

Hourly Services: $TBD

Hourly services can vary and are not initiated unless approved by and pre-paid by you. We may incur hourly investigative services to locate your debtor such as going to the DMV or MVD in person, conducting surveillance, or other investigative means not possible by computer alone.
We are here to help promote judgment recovery and assist judgment creditors in locating judgment debtors and garnishing bank accounts and assets across the United States, including Alabama, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Mexico, South Dakota, Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, New York, Tennessee, Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Utah, California, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Vermont, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Connecticut, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, Delaware, Louisiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, Wyoming.


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