Usually, with judgment recovery, you look for assets such as money which may be subject to garnishment from a bank or employer.

Too, sometimes a person or business will have inventory, cash on hand, deposits, vehicles, property or other assets that may be utilized to satisfy your judgment.

You may decide to conduct what is commonly referred to as a Judgment Debtor Examination or you may wish us to just sniff around. We do have some of the most experienced investigators in the country ;)

Our first recommendation is to Record Your Judgment! That way, it may be available as a lien on real property. If you don't know about any property, please, read on!

The second is our Comprehensive Database Check which may include: Asset,  residence and property location as well as driver and vehicle information,  employment, corporations, relatives and more. These are all helpful to locate current or previously held assets that may have been transferred or converted in an attempt to avoid the lawsuit or the garnishment.

It's usually a smorgasbord of information, including another important element, how many OTHER outstanding judgments there are (because where there's smoke, there's usually fire) and how we can make yours a first priority.

Since we are licensed and trained investigators, we have access to super secret databases, government databases, driver's license and motor vehicle records, the US Postal service and more.

And, to keep everything on the up and up, and keep us in business, you must first complete an Agreement for Services which authorizes us to provide work on your behalf and establishes a legal need for the requested information.

Failure to provide accurate or required information will preclude you from receiving services.

To get started and locate assets for your judgment debtor, please complete the Agreement For Services now and then Look For Assets below to purchase your location services.


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