Get help collecting your judgment
Because it's all about the Benjamins, and Sallys, Johns, Muriels, Walters or others who've done you wrong! 
And now It's Judgment Day!

Here's How We Help You Collect On Your Judgment

We find the debtors

We find the bank accounts

We find the employers

We find the assets

We train you on the process

We assist you with the process

We find you a process server

We file your court papers

We refer you to attorneys if needed

Here's Why We're Your Best Resource was started by Christine Burke, an Arizona based 
Private Investigator, Process Server, Instructor and retired police officer. 
It's her job, every day, as it has been since the '80's to help people.
Since 2008, through her agency, Strategic Intelligence Services PLLC, Christine has been working doggedly to help judgment creditors collect what's due to them. 
And now she's broadened her reach to help you. 
Whether it's Do It Yourself, Get Help or Just Get Resources, you've got us working for you and
It's Judgment Day!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"Very professional organization that does what they say they will do. I needed to collect judgement on an in-home daycare and looked up this company. The owner arranged a meeting the next day, took down the details of my case and immediately went to work. They were able to locate the bank account and assist me in garnishing those funds to settle my case. The owner even continued to assist me via phone in the final stages of my case to ensure that all of the paperwork was good to go. I highly recommend utilizes these services if you need a process server or assistance in recovering judgement." Kenneth Elam, Gilbert AZ
"Strategic Intelligence Services did a great job in finding the people and the assets that were previously hidden. They are AWESOME!!!!‎" Murray Malin, Scottsdale AZ
We are here to help promote judgment recovery and assist judgment creditors in locating judgment debtors and garnishing bank accounts and assets across the United States, including Alabama, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Mexico, South Dakota, Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, New York, Tennessee, Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Utah, California, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Vermont, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Connecticut, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, Delaware, Louisiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, Wyoming.

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